Welcome to Gold Country Baking Co ... home of our old school Miner's Sourdough Bread

                                                                                                                                                  Our baked goods were originally located in the mining village of Coulterville at GOLD COUNTRY BISTRO. We have moved to two new locations in the Lake Don Pedro area... PIRATE COVE at Fleming Meadows and THE MINESHAFT RESTAURANT & BAR off Merced Falls Rd.

                                                                                                                                             We are a family of Hard Rock Gold Miners (Boldly Gold Mining Co) who settled in the area to reopen old, historic mines, to let them breathe and live again. Michelle is a former writer and editor, as well as a former competitive skydiver and USA Level 2 Archery Instructor. Andy is a quantum physicist and laser engineer, turned geologist and gold miner. We've traveled the world, been keynote speakers at conferences across the country, and occasionally you'll see one of us on TV talking about gold... or ghosts, and the science behind it. 


We come from a long line of incredible cooks and bakers who taught us the craft. Our passion for cooking and baking are utilized at base camps wherever we are mining seasonally, too. Now, we are bringing those skills and foodie passion to our community... with our kids by our side. We also partner with a long, gorgeous list of local, organic farms and businesses to bring the very best ingredients to everything you will eat or drink when walking through our doors. 


This beautiful countryside is rich in history. It is blessed with families who treasure it's unique position away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the opportunity to connect with this place. Living here and supporting the community with love and passion also allows us to connect deeply with each other. We love that most about living here.


Our family is committed to supporting this special community. We are also very excited to share something we need here- delicious fresh bread and comfort food, addictive desserts, and the best coffee and espresso on the planet!! Who needs the city!?


Come visit, be nourished, and talk with us a while.

Hope to see you soon!


-Michelle & Andy Coppock

Mining Booth in La Grange
shaker table sunset
Andy at Mine
Claiming it up!
Archery Range
Our Family
Carving vein...
Texas State Record